Applications & Industry Served

CRM (Cold rolling mills), ARP (Acid regeneration Plants), Pickling, CPL (Continuous Pickling Lines), ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant), Scrubber

Loading/ Unloading of Acid/ Alkali Transfer & Processing, Scrubber, ETP

Filter press, Transfer of Slurries without disturbing particle size, ETP


Water treatment, Acid/ Alkali transfer, Descaling of Boilers.

Handling Alum Sodium Hydrochloride and Caustic. 

Acidic/ Alkaline Effluent

Transfer of Bleaching Agents

Etching of TV and monitor screens and circulation of electrolytes

Transfer of Acids, Technical solvents and corrosive chemicals.

Handling of Solvents, Acids & Chemicals

Handling of fine chemicals & basic drugs.

All Refinery and depots, loading, unloading and transfer of crude oil, L.D.O/H.S.D, Petrol, Furnace oil, LSHS. oil, HFO and petroleum product

Loading, Unloading & Transfer of acids, solvents & oils.